Improving education is recognized by governments, the United Nations, the World Bank and NGOs as the key to development and to poverty alleviation.

At the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION, we believe lack of education is a main cause of poverty, and that turning around the trend is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the same access to quality education.

The UNESCO 2015 report estimates that about 1 in 11 children or 59 million primary school age children around the world are not in school. These stats are higher for the communities we target and serve.

Young People living in poor communities are as intelligent and ambitious as those living in urban cities. But when it comes to enrolling and going to school, thousands of these young people cannot get education that meet the most basic standards due to 3 major factors:
• No money to pay school fees
• Available Schools are poorly equipped
• No motivation and encouragement to attend school

This is where the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION step in by offering three main interventions:
• Offering tuition fees scholarships to outstanding and ambitious students from poor backgrounds.
• Assisting schools with educational equipment and support like; school renovations, education furniture, and educational events sponsorships.
• Organizing ‘Go to School” publicity campaigns that educates young people in our target communities about the benefit of going to school and getting an education.

To achieve our goals, we partner with educational institutions, corporate and individual donors across the country to leverage and increase the support we provide.

Early Child Education

Our Early Childhood Education Program is conceived to give every child a chance to get a great start in life.

The children we work with are exceptionally poor and live in squalid conditions which often result in their being engaged as child labourers at a young age.For less than the cost of a bottle of soft drink a day, our donors and supporters assist us to fulfil a poor family’s dream of educating their child. We intend to get 500 students ages 6-10 enrolled in primary school for our 2016-2017 program year. Our target beneficiaries will come from across 10 communities that will be selected for the program year.

Build/Renovate/Equip Libraries

We know the importance of books and share a common dismay with several other well-meaning individuals about the disappearing culture of reading and libraries.

To combat this threat to education, we build, renovate, or equip libraries especially in public schools where shrinking budgets are making it impossible for schools and communities to have functional and well stocked libraries.

Our goal this year is to renovate and equip 10 school libraries in 10 cities across the country for each annual phase of the program.

Donate Educational Materials

For a lot of our target beneficiaries and their families, exercise books, text books, school bags, shoes, and uniforms are luxuries they cannot afford after saving and scraping to pay the tuition fees.

We understand the importance of these items in enabling the students get a good education hence we work together with our donors and supporters to procure and donate these educational materials to our target beneficiaries.

For our 2016-2017 program year we target to:
• Offering tuition fees scholarships to 10 outstanding students from poor backgrounds selected from across 10 pre-selected target communities.
• Provide 10 rural schools each with one of our educational equipment kit which comprises of:
o 10 New Students desks
o 5 Classroom whiteboards
o 2 Teachers’ desk.
• Organizing ‘Go to School” publicity campaigns across our selected 10 communities to educate parents about the benefits of ending their children to school.

To achieve our goals, we are reaching out to over 100 educational institutions, corporate and individual donors across the country to leverage and increase the support we can provide.

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