Improving education is recognized by governments, the United Nations, the World Bank and NGOs as the key to development and to poverty alleviation.

At the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION, we believe lack of education is a main cause of poverty, and that turning around the trend is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the same access to quality education.

The UNESCO 2015 report estimates that about 1 in 11 children or 59 million primary school age children around the world are not in school. These stats are higher for the communities we target and serve.

Young People living in poor communities are as intelligent and ambitious as those living in urban cities. But when it comes to enrolling and going to school, thousands of these young people cannot get education that meet the most basic standards due to 3 major factors:
• No money to pay school fees
• Available Schools are poorly equipped
• No motivation and encouragement to attend school

This is where the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION step in by offering three main interventions:
• Offering tuition fees scholarships to outstanding and ambitious students from poor backgrounds.
• Assisting schools with educational equipment and support like; school renovations, education furniture, and educational events sponsorships.
• Organizing ‘Go to School” publicity campaigns that educates young people in our target communities about the benefit of going to school and getting an education.

To achieve our goals, we partner with educational institutions, corporate and individual donors across the country to leverage and increase the support we provide.


At the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION, we agree with the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO 2015 report that Agriculture is the motor for rural development, poverty and hunger reduction in sub-Saharan Africa; and recognize that agriculture offer proven opportunities for people in poor communities to grow food and alleviate poverty.

This informed our mission to package and execute structured agricultural programs that enables young people in our target communities to be trained and equipped to start and run their own farms.

ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION Agriculture programs are all designed to help participating youths from target communities to play key roles in tackling poverty.

We achieve these goals by offering education about farming best practices, assistance with securing farmlands, providing seedlings, assistance with accessing micro-finance support,; and additional structures to enable continued support and empowerment.

Our flagship agricultural project, the Farming Growth Opportunities Initiative (Farm-GO) focus on youths in our target communities, who are interested or already involved in agriculture or activities associated with agriculture. Depending on location, each Farm-GO program aims to achieve the following:
• Train at least 200 youth farmers per community,
• Facilitate the launch of a minimum of 50 youth run farms per community

Our FARM-GO Project will achieve these outcomes through three main components:
1. Knowledge transfer through organized agriculture teaching sessions,
2. Provision of seedlings and relevant farm equipment
3. Facilitating Micro-credit lending.


The Food and Agriculture Organization FAO estimates in its 2050 – Africa’s food challenge report that Some 218 million people in Africa, around 30 percent of the total population, are estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition.

In the communities that we target to serve, we estimate the figures to about 40% or more.

The biggest reason people are hungry, both in Africa and around the world, is poverty.

There are many people living in impoverished communities in Nigeria who do not have enough food to eat; where hundreds of families struggle to get enough food to feed the usually many mouths, and children can't always get the adequate quality and quantity of food they need to stay healthy.

That is why ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION has as one of its core mandates, the provision of healthy meals, and quality food items to poor communities, especially women and children.

We believe that by providing food and nourishment to the less privilege in a compassionate way, we facilitate better health and reduce the incidence of diseases in these communities.

ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION food programs are currently executed through 2 initiatives:

Free Meals Interventions

ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION provides meals to the underprivileged especially orphanages and through it’s Free Meals Program which is designed to expand from a few pilot communities to at least 500 rural communities and urban slums that critically needs humanitarian food interventions.

In its free meal programs, ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION serve cooked meals rich in essential nutrients and a drink – usually water or any other healthy, donor supplied beverage.

The meals are prepared by ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION Volunteers in clean and hygienic environments, packaged, and taken to the location where they will be shared to the beneficiaries with no expectation from the beneficiaries.

Whole Food Donations

The Whole Food Donations Program targets underprivileged families especially in urban slums, where one or both parents are unemployed or underemployed, with several children.

ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION gives out packed, uncooked food bags usually containing enough food and condiments to last a week.

The food is sourced in cash and kind from individual and corporate donors, sorted, and packed in bags for onward distribution to recipients.

Our research shows that most households in our target communities are single parent families – usually a mother who is at-risk to engage in anti-social activities to meet the food needs of her family.

Our objective is to use the whole food donation program to reduce the chances of such families engaging in crime to be able to afford feeding their households.

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