About us

At the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION, We believe that creating and executing programs that aid education, agriculture, and hunger are the most effective way of achieving positive and lasting change for these women, children and youth we work with, as well as for their schools and communities.

We are always exploring easily replicable and low cost ideas that will have the maximum impact on our target beneficiaries.

Our programs aim to transform lives by:
• Increasing access and financial support to educate men, women, children and youth from poor communities;
• Growing food and financial sufficiency by empowering youths with resources to learn and start crop and livestock farming;
• Reducing hunger and malnutrition through strategic food donations, and community feeding programs.

Accordingly, we adhere to the principles and high operating standards which these bodies apply to recognized organisations.

Hours of work

Supporting the ADENRELE LEKAN-SALAMI FOUNDATION with a regular monthly donation or a one off donation to help transform lives of poor women, children, and young people in Nigeria.

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